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hold gently what you wish to grow old with

* Had one of those dreams last night, the one where you find an extra room in your house and you're wriggling with excitement and POTENTIAL. In the dream I decided I was going to dedicate the space to (another) library. Also, the room was discovered because children were growing and moving out of the house, the children were my two young nieces. In these dreams the door is always a secret, hidden thing, and in this case it was inside a bedroom closet.

* A show of hands - how many of you know Shirley Jackson's (QUEEN!) unbelievable "We Have Always Lived In the Castle"? OMG!!! How have I never ever read this before???

* I finished "13 Reasons Why" last night. And it was hard and sad. I think it was simultaneously successful and a failure. I don't understand the overuse of Ian's Joy Division....and the other 80's tunes....I still maintain that this show is about dialogue and needs to be watched together with young people. In a culture where we are currently embroiled in seeing a divide between races, I wonder if the divide between sexes might not be the more important discussion...

* Finishing a second bust at the studio. Next time, I do it my way. I've learned a lot during this class, but this technique is nothing but frustrating for me. Still, I'm not complaining, just reminding. I will try to remember my phone next week so that I can take some pictures. I guess....I need to decide which way the goat-footed Muse wants to stroll. 3D or 2D. It's all tangling up inside of me right now. I'm feeling unmoored, to say the least. Autumn is ALWAYS my creative time, so I really need to focus here. Maybe NaNo will help me navigate.

I love how genre stations can always introduce you to new-to-you artists. This guy, for example -


Oct. 26th, 2017 10:02 am (UTC)
*raises hand* A most haunting book; I was thinking to recommend it for pathos_horror.

My dreams are full of extra rooms, hidden passages, stairways, towers, balconies, galleries - sometimes (in dream-context) purporting to be a place I've actually lived or been in, but there's always a lot more of it. It was so wonderful, when I first read Titus Groan, to realize that I wasn't the only person who dreamed in vast and rambling architecture. Often such dreams turn lucid toward the end, because I'll think "I know this place, but...??", and then realize that's because I've dreamed it before.

I don't think it means anything in particular. I have a degree of hyper-focus on 'structure of place', and I've been in a great many awesome old buildings: my Dream Crew just likes to take all the assorted pieces and re-assemble them like endless LEGO projects. ^^

Oct. 26th, 2017 04:30 pm (UTC)
Ooooh! Let's put that on the to-read list!

Wow, I never thought of Titus Groan as a dream image but YES! I don't have the complex architectural versions very often but the interesting thing about those is that they tend to stay with you for life. I also find it interesting that you don't put any weight on your architecture dreams!
Oct. 27th, 2017 03:26 am (UTC)
Here's the list I made - We Have Always Lived In The Castle is at the top, and is the only one of these I've read so far:

We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson
Boy's Life by Robert McCammon
Like Death by Tim Waggoner
Loss by Glen R. Krisch
Riverside Blues by Erik Tomblin
Weaveworld by Clive Barker
Spellbound by Jennifer Adele
Bird Box by Josh Malerman
The Red Tree by Caitlín R. Kiernan
The Cipher by Kathe Koja
The Donzerly Light by Ryne Douglas Pearson

A lot of my dreams stay with me for life, with the memories of them as vivid as waking-life memories. Sometimes it's been hard to tell them apart: I've searched in vain for books I loved, that I only read in a dream, and I persistently remember a back stairway in my old school, that definitely wasn't there. One reliable way to tell dream from waking is that I can't fly in waking life, but I wake up sometimes feeling like I could, if I only had the guts (like Arthur Dent) to throw myself at the ground and miss.

I don't put any supernatural weight on any of the anomalies I've experienced, because I spent several decades putting quite a few supernatural hypotheses to the test, and they did not hold up. There are robuster hypotheses, more in keeping with Occam's Razor, and if I knew a neuroscientist with a brain scanner, I'd love to put them to the test, but that's unlikely to happen. Anyway, eventually there may be a book, if I ever get my butt in gear to write it, but so far, Spoons Not Found.


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