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VOTE - final 4 - 1 goes home!


Click through, read the four entries, comment and then VOTE!!! 

Even though we've been writing for months and months, it always is a SHOCK to get to the end of the thing! I am definitely getting mindsore but I didn't want to go the season without a shoutout to my woes - Hades & Persephone, so this week is dedicated to them. 

Although, I can feel the tectonic plates of my own creativity shifting beneath me. It's a similar feeling to when I stopped writing fanfiction and dedicated myself to original. I would love to pen a long and cohesive modern-dress Hades/Persephone, at least novella-length, or a collection of intertwining short pieces, but I'm not sure it's still in me to do it. It would require a very strict outline to keep me going off into the aether. "Dirty Realism" is becoming more and more what I'm drawn to reading and writing these days. Pretty much the polar opposite of the lyrical modern myth. 

* Spring has most definitely sprung here and it's pretty much glorious. Even an autumn/winter soul like myself can't deny the sheer joy that is songbirds and sunshine and budding trees. 

* Easter brunch wasn't too successful. Sadly. Carbs and sugar and mismanaged activities. Sigh. I'm not trying to be critical, just honest with myself about what my family has become. No one seems to know how to infuse life back into all this death. Too many egos and no one is willing to give a little in order to gain a lot. Two-thirds of the family aren't interested in opening the doors and our hearts to friends and neighbors. Only family, of which there are fewer and fewer of us.

My sister on the East Coast spent the weekend with her son's in-laws and extended family as my nephew just had a baby. To see the huge amount of family and smiles in all the texted pictures hurt a bit. I clearly remember when we had four generations and heaps of children for long holiday weekends. All that is in the past now and we don't talk about it or look at photos because of the horrorshow that is my estranged sister.

Who knows where the time goes.....

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Apr. 25th, 2019 01:42 am (UTC)
Sorry, Easter didn't go well.

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