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July skippies

One thing that happens more often than you would think when you live in the deep dark woods is being woken by the sound of a small mammal screaming. Terrible. And disconcerting. If it’s near dawn, I just get up and make coffee. But if it’s in the middle of the night, I'm forced to lie in bed and contemplate all the strange ways in which this world is an injurious place. Makes for a long hour or two.

The fox and the lion are killers of living creatures. It’s their purpose. 

They say animals are immortal because they don’t know they are going to die.

Kidling2 definitely has something heating up for him. Makes Kidling1 depressed as she has no partner on the horizon at all. She's been hanging out with Kidling2's crew for the past couple of months, so she has been watching this relationship develop and she's feeling lonely. 

Getting some decent Amazon Prime deals. Got a screaming deal on two firesticks, and two ceiling fans for the new building. The Harry Potter box set is tempting. How many of us are still completists? How many still buy movies on disc? I dl most of my music now, but I still buy the cds of my faves. Nick, Swans, Angels of Light, Mark Lanegan, etc.. Whenever we watch HP we marathon it and it's usually some kind of snowed in weekend. I need the 4K box set. Obviously.

We've taken a week to ponder deeply the building and tomorrow we fix it! I think. LOL.

Mainly writing as of late. I wrote something new over the weekend and will probably share soon. Nothing is on tv. 



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Jul. 16th, 2019 12:21 pm (UTC)
I have missed your voice for these past few days. So good to hear you again!

I too broke down and bought on Prime Day. I bought season 6 and 7 of Game of Thrones, they were very inexpensive and they did have season 8 on a pre-order, but it was a bit steep. Think I'll wait until the next prime day for that one. I too am a completist. I like to have the full series and I still like DVDs.

I don't buy music unless there's a fantastic sale at Walmart or something where they're offering something I love for two or three dollars. It has happened, and I have purchased. Right now I'm keeping an "eye out" for Etta James. Love her voice!

Aw, I feel for Kidling1. It's so hard when it seems like the whole world is pairing up and you're alone, especially when you're young. I know this. I pray she finds someone who will see her for the wonderful woman she is and love her for it soon. I've got my metaphorical fingers crossed for Kidling2. <3

It's raining this morning...went out and pulled the birdseed containers into the dry area on my patio. The critters seem to appreciate a respite from the wet.

Yay, building is being finished!

Are you still thinking of moving your mom up the mountain to live on your property?

Yes! Share soon! And yes. Nothing on TV. I'm watching a lot of VOD these days. Right now The Kennedys. Love Barry Pepper!

Edited at 2019-07-16 12:23 pm (UTC)
Jul. 16th, 2019 10:56 pm (UTC)
The other day Seasonal heard something wheezing in the back yard after dark. She yelled and it went away. Irish Storyteller looked it up and it seems we had a bobcat wandering around. Better than bears, but still not good for Yard Bunny.
Jul. 17th, 2019 02:11 am (UTC)
Aww, feel bad for Kidling1.

I used to be a completist, but I've dropped so many shows and don't want to buy seasons I hate.

I don't buy CDs anymore because it's just easier to stream or buy digitally. I do still buy Blu-rays. I'm a big special features fan and unless all the special features are available on digital platforms I buy the physical copies. I just bought the Harry Potter series in UHD last week from Vudu because it was on sale. I did get a couple of things from Pride Day deals. I got a fire stick as well.

Jul. 18th, 2019 08:07 pm (UTC)
We have a lot of things digitally that we enjoy firing up now and again. We do own lots of DVDs and Blu-Ray but don't bring them out often, so it's better if we just get things digitally. And we use spotify a lot, so don't even buy many CDs anymore.

Oooh yes, please, I'd love to see more of your writing!

Aw Kidling1, that's got to be hard watching others' relationships develop when you want that and don't have it.

Oh jeez that does sound like a tough way to wake up! I heard a noise for a long time the other night, and I honestly still am not sure if it was some wildlife animal, or a human baby inside someone's home. It's fascinating to me that it really could've been either. So many tiny mammal cries sound so similar.

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