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* I fell on the proverbial sword this week in Idol and feel simultaneously guilty and relieved. I think I have written myself dry. I don't have a competitive nature and was beginning to feel a really ugly unease around the competition that I know isn't a good thing for me. So, I made the hard decision and will wait to see if Idol returns next year. In the meantime, I really really need to do something with ALL OF THESE WORDS I done wrote and take the next step towards something or other.

* Tuesday I'm scheduled to do a Zoom reading of my horror story that was anthologized in Halloween Party 2019 and then chosen for a new anthology titled Exhumed to be released this fall along with writer videos! Fun! I'll keep you all posted.

* What I really really want to do is break my 150 Idol entries down into categories:  Persephone/Hades, pioneer, and assorted. I'm going to move this up the to-do list.

* The world is still strange, isn't it? In late June, Kidling2 and all of his crew were exposed to COVID. Five days later, we all hunkered down for a two-week isolation. Some of us reported weird weird weird symptoms - total exhaustion, stomachaches, headaches, digestive issues, congestion, sore throats. No one had a temperature and no one consulted a doctor. Seven of them took a deep nasal swab with reports ranging from most horrendous thing ever to exceedingly uncomfortable, two took the self-administered front of the nose swab. The nurse who was tested at the hospital received her positive result two days later. The six that took theirs at the fairgrounds got positive and negative results ten days later. The CVS self-test couple got a positive and a negative, wait for it, sixteen days after the test. Testing isn't working. This is ridiculous. All of them were contacted by the County and all of them were reported as "recovered." So, that's my COVID story and I have fewer opinions than ever.

* I have discovered an amazing indigenous voice via folk horror channels. Stephen Graham Jones. If you read anything this year, read The Only Good Indians. Jones is a master character writer ala King. And he's an artist at emotion manipulation. I wept. Twice. Now I'm on a tear to pick up the rest of his work. Mongrels is a werewolf novel??? Hells yeah.

* I read Jones to palatte cleanse my Joyce Carol Oates marathon. I'm so in love with Oates now that I can't form words necessary to talk about her. I want her all to myself and feel like a dragon curled around my hoard of Oates books. I will try to talk about her at some point. I think I needed to reach a certain age to really appreciate her brilliance. I'm at that age now, apparently.

* Watch this arthouse film -

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