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* We did, actually, have some pretty decent air the past handful of days. This morning we are back to wretched. Looks like rain, feels like doom. Ugh.You can't find an air purifier in this town or California for that matter. Amazon and Costco have proven completely unreliable and today I'm going to try to order a RabbitAir direct from the company. And I guess I really need one upstairs and one downstairs. Maybe Costco will come through with the Dyson.

I should not complain, although my asthma says I can a little. People have lost every single damned thing they owned and some have lost their lives. These fires. And I don't remember anything like this before ten years ago. If it's climate change, it's happening fast. I wonder about allowing so many folks - myself included - to live in these hills. I wonder about pumping all the freakin' water out of the ground and shipping it south.

* Still working on my growing and teetering pile of Oates. The Collector of Hearts was fantabulous! She has a short in there about a child and a hand puppet that was award-winning. I do think, and it's not a criticism, but some of her work about pregnancy, birth and motherhood can ring untrue, or hollow or strangely disconnected. She does not have children. I snagged another huge lot on eBay and am going to begin putting the dupes in our Little Library. Spread the love.

* We started The Third Day last week and OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! It's gonna be good. Fun to watch something in RealTime, too. Speaking of live, we are also madly in love with that boho crew aboard the Infiniti and have been watching their Expedition to the Edge on Discovery these past Sunday evenings. And My Octopus Teacher which had me weeping. I don't understand why these creatures are so poignant.

* Got a few interesting critters on the gamecam this week -


coyote looking.jpg

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