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I need to thumb through my phone and find some holiday snaps to share with ya'all before it's Easter.

I think the kids are going to try to host an open house here on New Year's Day....but I don't see how they can if they are partying like rockstars on NYE. 

In an effort to Educamate myself more, I've signed up for two online courses. One in February and one in March. Both are Jungian and tarot-based. 

I also am feeling the goat-footed Muse shift his focus a bit. This happens to me about every five years or so. I express myself creatively through:  art, craft, photography and writing. I've pretty much given up using dimensional art as a means of expression.

I have been writing and photographing since about the age of 13. That was when I realized that a story could have a twist and surprise a reader, that a story could be created by way of craft. That was also the year my father gifted me a Nikon. And I began to realize that photography could act as fetish and the captured image convey more than a likeness. So, I have always worked with those two mediums - words and pictures. Then I began to draw seriously throughout my youth and yound adult years. Switched to sculpting in my young parenting years and got serious about photography, going professional, when my children got old enough for me to spend some time focusing on me. I left the sculpting and drawing, diving deep back into words. Then left photography to get "serious" about writing. And now I'm looking at returning to photography and letting the words simmer on the back burner for a few years. Again. 

Admittedly, the slow death of LJ has contributed to some of my current feelings. Writers NEED to be read, for the most part. Not so much with visual arts, there is a satisfaction in the creating that makes the experience different for me.

Back over at Dreamwidth! Survivor Idol is a thing! And it's at Dreamwidth!

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