bleodswean (bleodswean) wrote,

Once & Future

I don't know where the time goes, when it comes to me and posting. And this used to be a major part of my day, my life. 

I miss Idol. Miss writing to the prompts. I hope the new season isn't too far away. LOL, I know my flist are still playing! And I do support you all, but I wish I was playing, too. To the winner, go the spoils! 

My second class - Make your Memento Mori - was amazing! I'm glad I decided to pick up a few classes this spring. The reading for these courses has been intense. I need to begin seeding the final project. 

It's been cold here. Snow predicted for mid-week. We shall see. Kind of dreading it as the snow was Z's favourite. 

Hope you are all well!

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