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Found a good flick last night - Black '47. I could be biased, of course, what with my DNA. But it was good, nicely shot and you know, Hugo. 

We really need to find a new series. D hates The Knick, too much abortion, I think? Waiting for Better CallSaul and Transplant and Shetland. Any rex o' wise flist? 

I also finally finally saw Howl's Moving Castle. Adorable beyond words and I loved every single animated second of it. The kids, of course, cut their teeth on My Neighbor Totoro, but we somehow missed this SG offering.

Spring is fully sprung here. The dogwoods are budding out, the daffodils almost done, and we are ready to begin working on the inner yard. I'm going to order topsoil this week and then we will debate sod versus seed. I bought the most adorable railing planters, I will take pix, and need to get to the nursery for planter plants. 

I guess organized religion is at an all-time low stateside. Easter still opens my heart like a tomb, though. Maybe it's because I'm an Aries? Maybe because I find the story of The Magdalene and Christ compelling from Good Friday through Easter Sunday. I will delve into Dante this weekend. Also, going to my sister's for a "potluck lunch" on Sunday. Complete with paper plates and plastic forks. Do I sound opinionated? Good.

Getting ready for my next round of Still Life With Skull. 

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