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I've been sparked to write, or at least begin massaging a WIP I've had hanging around for a year or two. I shared the first chapter an Idol ago, but I might share the edited version here. I'm always superstitious about sharing WIPS because of "telling" the story as well as being influenced by readers in regard to tone/direction/characterization. But enough of you have been following my Persephone/Hades work over the years...And this isn't the dreamy lyrical story, it's more of a linear story. Anyway, felt good to return to the keyboard this past weekend. 

Got a crazy thunderstorm yesterday that dropped the temps into freezing and dumped inches of hail that is still out there. Looks like snow. The poor oaks lost all their baby leaves and not sure what that will do to them for the rest of the year. 

I've been hankering for some star-crossed lover reading. What are YOUR favourite novels/fics/stories out there, o' wise flist?! Obviously, Byatt's "Possession" and Fowles' "The Ivory Tower". 

Dead rose bouquet -

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