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I'm wiped out. Just too much stress and I'm still on that wavelength. Obviously, my mother's sudden hospitilization last Wednesday, although she's home now, but apparently not doing as well as we had hoped. I think, and this is being medically corroborated, we are seeing the beginnings of that final decline. Terrible and more than I can really bear right now. I will see her tomorrow and I think it's time to pitch the idea of her moving in with the daughters. Right now we could split the year between here and my sister's place. My East Coast sister won't have her own home for another three years. For those playing along, you know she gave up her career, her salary, her upstate New York mansion, everything to move to Virginia and move her and her husband and her adult son in with her daughter and son in law and two year old in order to become some sort of modern day Mary Poppins. It's not working out. But still, they are committed until my niece is finished with her residency.

Anyway, we would have to find a good solid contractor (impossible with Paradise being rebuilt) and add a wing onto this house as there is no downstairs bedroom. Will my mother be willing? I'm not sure. She's pretty independent for being so dependent a personality.

Then Sunday I shot that country wedding and it was fun but I had forgotten how much freakin' work weddings are. Nice to see a young couple so in love and ready to launch into Life. Their Life.

We were supposed to go to Oregon this week, but I finally finally had to say No. And D understood. We are making the day by day hard decision for LittleDog and it's emotionally wrecking me. Just not in the mood to deal with D's incredibly rude and difficult father. But we will be making that roadtrip the end of this month.

And Mother's Day. My mother decided that I should build a crepe bar for nine folks and serve it up at her home. I just don't argue anymore, so that was stressful. But then when my sister got wind of the fact that SHE might have to produce a food product, she immediately booked a brunch. That took some weight off of me.

I'm not trying to be a downer, just putting this out there. I've been a bit absent. Have to catch up with the writers group and find out who won the crazyassed Survivor Idol and then put that season in the rearview. Not successful, imo.

How are you all?


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