bleodswean (bleodswean) wrote,

Busier than a corpse-grinder in Hell.

Missed an entire Survivor Idol post deconstructing the game. Not sure I have much more to say. I really am not interested in calling out those who I feel turned on me or betrayed the tribe....and ultimately, it doesn't matter. The game wasn't for me. I'm non-competitive by nature and that game required strategizing far more than writing. Maybe some don't want to hear that, but that's how it looked from out here. And I wouldn't have necessarily minded that, but the back-stabbing and drama that went along with folks attempting to subvert was more than I could stomach. Hopefully the next outing will be a palette cleanser.

Mother's Day was nice. All things considered. LOL.

Last Sunday's wedding went well and here's a few photos -

I have a few more small weddings coming up. I don't mind them when they are small and sweet. I think my huge wedding days are over. But never say never! I don't have an assistant anymore and that's problematic. Weddings are fun because everyone is so happy and they want their picture taken.

This week is also packed, but I'm going to make a concerted effort to check in here.

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