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* Finishing up the post-processing on the wedding photos. Modern presets are FUN! I love this boho, dreamy look and will have to practice to try to catch that more in-camera. 

* Going to town today to hang out with my mother. She certainly has slowed down since her hospitilization but I think she needs to make some lifestyle changes and not sure she is willing to do that at 81. We shall see. 

* We need to say goodbye to LittleDog and it's breaking my already broken heart. A friend wants to rehome his adorable Pomeranian pup with us, but I think I need a dog break and I've never needed a dog break. It's just too hard. Their lives are too short.

* I'm writing! That's got an exclamation, because it's been a bit now since I've been in the word trenches. I've got a long idea, for the first time in a long time, and I'm starting linearly which is something I never do. Scrivener released Version 3 today, and that's fantastic, but I'm also thinking of purchasing their Scapple program so that I can try to funnel my quick thoughts, ideas and sketches into a more managealbe form. Currently I just use word docs and folders and it's a chaotic mess. 

* Concrete guy swears he's coming today to finish up the walkway and patio. It's been MONTHS. We can't lay sod until this next stage is complete, so I really hope he shows. 

Thanks to [personal profile] beachglass  for this amazing cover -

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