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* The house is so quiet. There are empty spaces in every corner and just beneath my feet.

* Delivering the wedding photos on Sunday and then I will have huge swathes of time returned to me. If I do decide to return to photography, I'm going to have to sit this house down and make some ground rules about who does what when and where. I do, actually, have a full-time job. I know it seems that I don't, but it's because we work at home. I think one thing that Covid did do, was bring a realization to many that working at home is quite different than working out of the house. My entire family believes I have leisure time dripping out of my earholes and I gave up trying to explain the schedule to them, but after this past year and a half, they seem to get it now.

Anyhow, I've got a few things going on that are taking up room inside my brain box. Contemplating a return to professionally photographying folks. Diving headlong into a novel. Reading and workshopping with other writers. Kidling1's autumn wedding. Manuevering ourselves into an ideal place to be able to purchase the neighbor's property this winter. And D's unwavering desire to buy an RV and travel the country.

* Post-processing this small wedding has reminded me of THAT aspect of the job. It's work. And then having them up here to see the proofs and help them build an album...I don't have a studio space so that means I've got to block out a few hours this weekend and that impinges on the house in general.

* Workshopping in the Tarot for Writers las month sparked me quite more than I had anticipated. I have two ideas in Scrivener and a small group of writers encouraging me to it. I am going to try to glue about 7,000 to 10,000 words to the screen and then take a step back and make a decision. I will probably share some of that with you.

* I've been recommended Lauren Groff and from what I saw in the first chapter, that's a good rec for me. Planning on reclining poolside and reading her.

* Wedding plans are back in full swing. We ordered the Save the Dates yesterday and now we have to address those when they get delivered. We also have to book a long weekend at the venue and dial in the last of the details.

This is not the image she chose, but it IS my favourite. 

As to the rest, we shall see. How are all of you? 

I wrote a small bit of fic for Mare of Easttown and it was fun! 

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