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* Time has returned to me. The bride and groom were pleasantly chuffed and I felt Seen and Appreciated. I do want to hang a tiny shingle again, but as I said before, ground rules will have to be set.

* My heart is beginning to heal, although the huge empty spaces feel lonely. One of D's friends has a son who got a "Covid" dog for the year he spent locked down and alone in an apartment in Oakland....and now he's up here on the hill living rough and off the grid and this little bundle of Pomeranian needs a velvet pillow and to be the baby. The son has offered him to us. We are mulling it. 

* So far Groff isn't working for me. I'm about halfway in and my head is literally spinning from all the hip sentences, the hip asides and the hip non-story. So much telling, no showing, and the characters thus far are just one dimensionally boring as hell. I'm anxious to deconstruct it with the two writer friends who rec'ed it and to read [personal profile] mallorys_camera  review. Contemporary hipness is laughable to me. But then I'm a serious Modernist girl - DH Lawrence was my first passionate true love, and then I became a SoutherGoth gal - Cormac McCarthy transported my bodily through the universe of existence. I like story, I like character and I love sentence structure. Groff has sentence structure, no question, but she also has a huge mirror and is watching herself flex sentences like dumbbells. Or at least that's how it appears to me. And she's certainly not alone in this contemporary approach to Literature. Clever hip observations and all that. Think I'll take a detour and re-read John Fowles's utterly astonishing novella The Ebony Tower. I recommend that to all of you and after you've read it and sat gobsmacked, read this article about a Jungian interpretation -

* Mare of Easttown is still hitting it out of the miniseries park but it's strange what's happened to televised entertainment in these post-LJ days. No one is watching it and no one is making gifs and no one is writing meta and that makes me so bummed out. ZABEL!!!! I did write a flash fic piece and got good feedback and made a nice fandom friend over on A03. But 1.6 might have squelched that enthusiasm. 

* What's everyone up to? 

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