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Surprised and delighted to see that the [community profile] sunshine_challenge  prompts are myth-based and the first one was HADES!!! I literally have over 70K Persephone/Hades words....and have been wanting to collate and edit for a while now. Yesterday I enjoyed oiling the very rusty brain gears and trying my hand at a flash fic piece for Hades and Cerberus. Definitely not smooth and more work than I'm used to around a keyboard, but I need to get back to writing and writing that cemented my conviction. Anyway, fun! 

I also need to get back to Still Life With Skull. I'm thinking of entering a 12x12 call this fall with one of my pieces. 

Desire but little inspiration. 

It's finally cooled off a bit. Enough to sleep. 

Busy running errands today and shopping for Sunday's 4th of July barbecue! 

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