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Ugh and Argh. My mother's birthday on Wednesday turned out to be dramatic and overflowing with my sister's bullshit. Something is wrong with this person. I looked at my calendar and I literally do not have to see her again until October 16th and I'm going to make sure it stays that way. I feel terrible for my mother, but the next day she called and she sounded really strong and resigned. She knows that the issue (which seems to not be going away since my father's death) is not about anyone other than my sister. Both my sisters want my 81 year old mother to change her very set ways in order to accomodate their inner child and I'm done with that now. Grow the hell up.

My mother is coming up this afternoon for an early supper. But the smoke is horrid and I'm not sure how we can escape it. One thing that I'm going to do the week after next is get a few quotes on installing an HVAC system. Between the heat, the annual smoke, and whatever is kicking my asthma into high gear, I think we simply don't have a choice. We've got to get the house sealed up. There has to be one place on the property in which I can, well, breathe. D is fighting me but I'm going to fight harder for this. I have ZERO breathing problems on the coast.

A few quick iPhone pix of the flowers in the yard. Not the greatest quality but I suck at iPhone snaps. Not a skill I'm interested in perfecting. I can't let go of a real camera body to be bothered. LOL. Anyway, the yard is gorgeous right now and as soon as we commit to the lawn, it's going to be awesome!

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