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Well, you're my friend, (that's what you told me)

I'm sad about Gabby. And would not normally have gotten so caught up in someone else's tragedy, except that she so so so reminded me of Kidling2's ex-gf. Same eyes, same look, same age but more, the same innocence that is oftentimes deeply endearing. And yet, what was going on behind the chippy smiles? (In the case of Kidling2's ex, four years into their live-in relationship she resparked a "friendship" with her HS bf....and within a few months' time that was the end of that. Unbeknownst to me, I flew this girl across the country for my father's funeral! And I look at the pictures now and it's all so obvious, but not at the time, not at the time.)

We must open a dialogue with young people that circumvents this hesitancy around asking for help. With girls, it can present like it did with Gabby. With boys, it can be about being pushed too hard too fast. Why would a 20-year old boy ever allow his peers to bully-shame him into drinking a handle of vodka?!


It rained here all weekend and that was glorious. The air is delicious. I think autumn has arrived all turning leaves and petrichor. I've been playing a lot of Dark Folk and keeping the lights off inside and my heart is thumping contentedly. Not quite sweater weather, but very close. I am putting the flannels on the bed. And I did bake a loaf of pumpkin bread. 

My mother took a truly terrible fall in her driveway last week. This is the exact type of thing that has begun worrying me more and more. She TEXTED the family group for assistance?? And then phoned my sister and luckily my firemedic BiL was home. They only live four minutes apart, so he was there and had her in the ER pretty quickly. Seven stitches and an MRI. Her face looks very bad, but no breaks and she said she was rushing across a stone bed in Crocs and fell. So not vertigo. We've noticed so many changes when she entered her 80s.

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